lowfeeinstallmentloans.com is not a lender of any kind. This is a free service to help borrowers secure a loan from one of the many banks/lenders we work with. Our secure quote form is available online 24 hours a day. We have no control over your actual loan fees, costs or annual percentage rate. These depends on the lender making the offer and may be higher than typical bank loans such as mortgage or home equity loans. Please thoroughly review necessary information in the loan agreement by your lender. There is no obligation to accept these terms if you are not satisfied. For any questions regarding the loan amount or fees, do contact the lender directly. We expressly disclaim any and all liability related to your application or representations made by any lenders to whom you are referred.

If you cannot repay the entire loan by the due date, you are highly recommended to contact your lender and request a loan extension. Otherwise, collection activities or legal actions are likely to be taken by your lender. Check your loan agreement for specific information on the implications of late payment. Note that sustained use of short term loans are not encouraged. Consumers should borrow these loans responsibly for urgent cash needs.

Most lenders provide instant decision loans up to $1,000, although larger loans may be available through certain lenders as well. We will help you to secure the amount needed quickly. While loan approvals are as fast as within 1 hour, fund transfers are subject to processing time due to banking and network restrictions. Depending on when you apply, funds may only be available by the next business day. Although most lenders do run a Experian/Equifax/Transunion credit check on borrowers, they also have additional specialized credit review to screen applicants.

All personal, financial and employment information you provided are stored electronically during the application. All financial and employment information are immediately removed from the system upon acceptance of your application from the bank/lender. Note that acceptance of your information does not guarantee automatic approval. You will occasionally receive offers relating to financial services such as loans, credit cards, etc. You have the right to stop these offers by unsubscribing.

We want your experience to be positive, so we disclose upfront that we are not a bank /lender and your data is secure, because your data is electronically transferred to the lender who has accepted your application for a loan. Use of this site constitutes agreement with these terms and conditions. Please be advised that these policies may be revised periodically, so it is important to read through. The owners of this site and our lenders comply with all state and federal regulations regarding short-term loans. This offer may not be available in all states.

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